One of the big questions I get is… “I’m not a weightlifter, will macros work for me?”

The answer is YES!

Macros are “just” a nutritional framework.

But it’s a framework that just works!

In reality Macros work for several reasons!

We will look at 3 reasons why they work.

1. Tracking

2. Different Body Types = Different Macros

3. Using whole foods to reach your Macros and how this helps.


Will Macros work for me?-Tracking!


Ya’ll know I am a big fan tracking! If we don’t know what we are eating and how much, losing is HARD!

One of the perks of macros is that we get to track our food… that make us a #MacroUnicorn.

Another reason they “just work”, is because we can learn what macros work for our body type.

There are 3 body types, and each body type thrives on different macros.

It can be difficult to figure out your body type, but a good macro coach can help you determine what macros work for you with a little fun testing and teamwork.

This is what I do in my 30 day program Become a MacroUnicorn.

And the third reason Macros work is kinda of a trick. LOL.

Macros are easier to track and balance out when we eat whole foods.

Whole foods fuel our bodies without added chemicals and what I refer to as crap.

Putting good stuff in, makes for a clean running engine. It’s higher grade fuel for our bodies to process.

If your curious how you can become a MacroUnicorn check out my 30 day program Become a MacroUnicorn.

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Will Macros Work For Me? Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

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Will Macros Work For Me?