3 Weight Loss Tips I used to lose 100 pounds—Feel like you’re destined to be the biggest person in the room? Learn how to get past that!

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Have you hit your weight gain rock bottom yet?  I used to think rock bottom was for someone with an addiction….  

When I flew out for my Dad’s funeral, I hit my weight gain rock bottom.  

Fortunately, I had my oldest child with me, but just the walk in the airport was nearly impossible. He had to help me just make the flight on time.  Once we got on the flight it was worse.  

I spent all the flights fighting claustrophobia because I was stuffed in a seat with strangers. And I was flowing over into their seats, I was mortified and panic set in.  

My rock bottom was both physical and emotional.  At this point, my entire body hurt, and mentally I was broken.  

It still took me 5 months after this crash to the bottom to get me to start to change.    

But being the planner I am I started planning during that trip, around the misery and pain. Today we are going to talk about this plan and 3 weight loss tips to help you start your plan.

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100 Pound Weight Loss Tip 1

Take Small Steps

Where are you now?  Do you hurt all the time?  Or maybe, you hate to look at yourself in the mirror?  Do you cry yourself to sleep, or wish you could? Is the world happening to you, and you’re just an observer?  

If you sitting there thinking… OMG that’s so me.  I have been there… and I felt like the world was caving in around me.  

My first 100 pound weight loss tip is going to sound silly, but start REALLY small.  

Figure out what you actually want. And “Why” you really want it.  

This is actually kinda hard.  I know…. it’s hard to see through the fog.  

I spent 5 months searching for this answer.    Do I wish I could have “thought” faster… YES!  

But looking and being aware of what I really wanted was important to my change, and it will be to your too.

What did I choose?

My guiding light and what I uncovered during this time was that all I really wanted was to be healthy and be able to keep up with my family.

During this time of reflection we went to a 6 flags, and it was one of the most miserable experiences of my life.    

After an hour of walking I was done… we had driven 2 hours and after an hour, my feet hurt, my back hurt and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball of misery.  

At this point I was angry at the world!  And most of all I was angry with myself. All my family wanted to do was have fun… and I was looking for the nearest chair every 5 minutes.  

So I used this... during my early weight loss when things got tough, I took myself back to this moment.


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100 Pound Weight Loss Tip 2

Ditch the Overwhelm

As your working on your what and why you can also work on 100 weight loss tip number 2.  This second tip helps with the “I don’t know what to do” phrase that starts going through our heads.  

Start looking for your comfort foods… Not only did I have horrible eating habits, but I used food to cope with EVERYTHING…  

When I was stressed, I ate sweets, when I was angry I ate quick processed foods that I could throw in the microwave that were warm… I think I was trying to warm my insides.   

My list goes on, but during this time I started paying attention to what caused me to eat to cope.  I didn’t really change it, but I paid attention.  

So my 100 pound weight loss tip number 2 is pay attention to what triggers you. This one is short and simple… aren’t you glad.  😉



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100 Pound Weight Loss Tip 3

Start Looking for YOUR Tribe

My third and final 100 pound weight loss tip is to start looking for your motivation tribe.  

Join social media groups of people with a similar goal.  Talk to your friends see if anyone else is considering changing their lifestyle.  

Look for friends that have a lifestyle like the one you want.  Stalk them. 😉 . (Don’t do this literally… you’ll get in trouble) See what they’re doing, and start picturing yourself doing these same things.  

Let’s be honest when you weigh over 200 pounds life is challenging and we don’t really know what a “different life” would look like.  Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s, but figure out what you want. 

If you have spent a lifetime overweight like I did, you may not really understand what your missing out on.    All you really want is the pain to go away, both the physical ache and the mental one.

This 100 pound weight loss tip is all about  finding a new way of doing things. And to start picturing the change.  

Don’t do the compare game, just look for some external motivation to keep you moving one small step at a time toward your goal.

Let’s Close This Out…

As we close this out, I want to give you a bonus 100 pound weight loss tip to you…. during your time of reflection find a “why”.  And as your trying to figure out what you want and why you want it. Pay attention to these moments.  Find a “Why” that digs deep, you can use this to pull you through when times get tough.

Today I talked about some of the things I did before I even started my weight loss journey.    My rockbottom was full of tears and a whole lot of anger.  

This is completely normal!  

Before you even start your 100 lb weight loss journey there are things you can do to begin to open yourself up to the possibility that you can do this!  These are the steps to get you out of overwhelm and prepare you mind and body for the change you REALLY want.

Today I gave you three 100 pound weight loss tips to help you get out of overwhelm and I shared my Rock Bottom moment.  

Let’s review the weight loss tips here: 

  1. Figure out what you want and why starting small
  2. Start figuring out “Why you eat”.  Look for your comfort foods and what triggers you to go there. 
  3. Find people to stalk… no really look for people that are doing what you want to do.  Find people who are living a lifestyle you want to live.  

These 3 weight loss tips, prepare you to start your journey.  The awareness helps with success and keeps you moving from a place of misery and overwhelm to one of “I can do this”.

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3 Weight Loss Tips I used to lose 100 pounds—Feel like you’re destined to be the biggest person in the room? Learn how to get past that!