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In this just released Live we discuss fundamental  weight loss motivation points that will help you get motivated to lose weight.

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Tip – Small Steps Over Time-Overhauling Everything Leads To NO Motivation

  • Relying on motivation to reach your goal weight is like relying on motivation to brush your teeth or change your underwear… yes I just said that! 
  • If your end goal is to keep the weight off once you reach your goal, it’s time to start approaching weight loss as something other than a diet. 
  • STORY: I’ve been on ton’s of diet’s in my life, and lost significant weight.  But it wasn’t until I quit overhauling everything and started making small changes to what I was doing that the weight loss stuck! 
  • Now is my life significantly different now than it was 10 years ago?  YES 
  • At this point have I overhauled 99% of my “bad” habits and replaced them with healthy habits? YES 
  • But I didn’t start my journey off, changing it all.  I started with small things and built my way up to where I am now. 

My biggest takeaways for you from this video are:

Fast weight loss is not permanent weight loss, switching your focus from overhauling it all to making small changes overtime will actually increase your weight loss success.

Making small changes overtime is creating habits, and habits are automatic, and we actually “crave” this new habit.

Big bonus!  Tracking our habits and checking them off gives us the added perk of the brain’s happy chemicals kicking in… just like crossing off something from our todo list.

Being discouraged by the speed of your weight loss, says you are only focused on the number on the scale.  It’s time to change your focus to NON-scale healthy goals and habits that support those goals.

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