In my weight loss journey there were points where I would get totally lost.  The hard part was I would reach out to coaches that didn’t have a clue how to help someone that 100 pounds to lose.

They would give me great advice for someone with 10-15 pounds to lose, but I definitely did not qualify.

I finally gave up and did it myself.  LOL But this increased the time it took me to get to my goal because it was sooo much trial and error.  And sometimes I tried things that had the opposite effect to what I was trying to achieve.

There were times that I would get sooo in my head, and I couldn’t tell if I was making an excuse or if I was truly having an issue. And other times my mindset would get all buggered up and I would slide for days.

Don’t Know Where to Start Creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle?

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

If you're new here, and you don’t know where to start on your journey? I lost 120 lbs and I have kept it off for almost 8 years.  Check out the following posts to get you started.

 And while you're here ya should definitely grab guide to get started creating some basic habits, the pre work no one talks about to creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle.

I am totally excited about the new program I have coming out.  

But ya know what?  I can already hear in my head all the reasons you aren’t ready to jump in.  😉  

So today, I’m going to give you some thinking fodder as I ramp up sharing all the benefits of getting help.   I’m not a salesperson! I am a coach, and I am a coach that loves you with all my heart.  

Yes, even if I haven’t had the honor and privilege of meeting you yet… Your still in my heart and prayers every night as I pray to help just one person that is struggling like I struggled for 42 years.

Ya see, I know the confusion and the physical pain of being 100 or more pounds overweight.  I know the stories in your head that tell you, you will never lose the weight. That you’re not enough, that it’s just too much!  

I was so flipping stubborn.  And I scoffed at “healthy” until one day I realized that healthy wasn’t a dirty word.  

It was what was going to let me DO things with my family, it was what was gonna keep me around to see and love my grandchildren. 

Today we’re gonna keep it short and sweet, I just want to give you somethings to think about.

Smother Weight Loss Journey:  What a Coach Does for You

A coach and group program are the best of both worlds in my mind. And no that isn’t just because that is how my program works.  A coach is there to provide a formula to follow and support you as you make changes.

But there is nothing like making changes with a group of people just like you.  I was never much of a joiner, but just seeing other people are struggling in the same ways makes the journey more bearable.

It is so much easier to keep your mindset and battle those inner voices when you see others are facing the same battles.  It’s great to have a coach to answer the questions, but having a group to do it with you is the icing on the proveriable cake.

We often think of weight loss as an individual battle… it’s not! There are tons of people out there just like you, and having other’s to lean on makes you stronger. 

A coach and program put on the right track and then they are there to support you as you travel the journey to your goal.  My job as a coach is to NOT give up on you, even when you feel like giving up on yourself.


Stop Stress Eating With Habits

Smother Weight Loss Journey: Those Other Plans You’ve Tried

Think back to all those plans you’ve tried… When you did them did you have a community of women all working to lose 100 pounds or more?  Had the person leading the community also lost 100 pounds or more?  

In these past programs were you trying to lose it as fast as you could?  Only to get Hangry and deep dive into a bag of doritos?

Most weight loss plans and communities are setup to get HUGE results very quickly and don’t help you address the “why” you got there in the first place.  

I know because I was the queen of WW, gave Paleo a try, oh what about Whole 30?

Guess what all of those plans are awesome!  There is nothing wrong with them, it’s not the “diet” that kills our weight loss journey.  This is where a coach and group is needed.

A weekly meeting with a group of strangers isn’t enough, and changing everything–working out really hard, eating low calories don’t work either! 

Let’s think about the “Biggest Loser” show.  They get amazing really quick results by pushing the boundaries and sucking people into a totally focused weight loss by pulling them out of their environment and changing everything they do every day until they lose the weight.

Last I checked a “Fat Camp” like this costs well over $10K, and sadly most regain their weight back and mess up their metabolism. All they wanted was to lose the weight and get healthy, but they ended in a worse situation than they started.

These horror stories are why I create the programs I do, because healthy change is not quick!  It starts in the mind and with habits, it does not start with eating nothing and moving to exhaustion.


Printable Habit Trackers For Easy Weight Loss

Let’s Close This Out…

I will step off my soapbox now and take a bow.  LOL

In case you were curious, I have very strong feelings about the state of Weight Loss and Diet Plans because they failed me!  

A good coach teaches you how to create healthy meals, and does not provide meal plans.

I also feel a good coach is a guide when you feel lost and overwhelmed and acts as an accountability partner.

When you combine a good coach with a group of people all working towards the same goal like the ONEder-Sisters Inner Circle you end up with a new lease on life and a pathway that you really see results and change.

Is it quick?  NO! But it’s a permanent change as you make the changes slowly over time, instead of jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim.

Coach Michelle

Ace Certified Health Coach, Precision Nutrition PN1 Coach, Fit Chicks Certified Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Expert

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, MacrosHey You Amazing Lady! 

Let me help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. I've lost 120 pounds and maintained it for 8 years, and helped countless others reach their goal too. I'm an ACE Certified Health Coach, a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and a Certified Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Coach for people who want to reach ONEderland (below 199 on the scale) and stay there, I coach you and give you the tools to change your nutrition and movement habits and change you life forever.

Through my passionate and open hearted Online Wellness classes, Digital products, and a Simply Healthy Accountability membership. I'm here to inspire you to change your approach to weight loss and wellness—while making it all feel like a natural part of who you are.

And when I'm not coaching you can find me walking with my teens, hanging with my hubby, or playing with my dogs (all four of them).

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