Here’s a new weight loss video for every woman struggling to get below 199 on the scale (Reach ONEderland) who wants to find a plan that works for you without focusing on the number on the scale  and fast weight loss without having to watch the scale go back up again.

Hi, I’m Michelle. I help women just like you get off the weight loss rollercoaster and reach ONEderland (below 199 on the scale) and stay there.

I can help you because I was you!  Guess what? I have lost 100+ pounds 3 times in my life.  The last time, I cracked the code to 100 pound weight loss that is consistent and maintainable.  Allowing you to lose weight the way you’ll maintain it..

Here’s the scoop when it comes to weight loss…


Don’t Know Where to Start Creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle?

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

If you're new here, and you don’t know where to start on your journey? I lost 120 lbs and I have kept it off for almost 8 years.  Check out the following posts to get you started.

 And while you're here ya should definitely grab guide to get started creating some basic habits, the pre work no one talks about to creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle.

Switch Focus From The Number On The Scale To Reach ONEderland

The number on the scale has taken so many of us off track, over and over. But in reality it’s our mindset and how we feel about ourselves that are truly taking us off track.

Here are a few tricks to help you switch focus!

  • The number on the scale is just one metric of success, but we put all our focus on this one number
  • In the big picture there is a lot more to being healthy than the number on the scale
  • We need the number on the scale, to show us our success in the other area’s of getting healthy
  • But creating NON-Scale goals is a true identifier of success with weight loss
  • Try creating goals that have nothing to do with the scale and track your success there
  • Don’t overwrite all your habits at once.

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Stop Stress Eating With Habits

Big-Take-Aways For Staying Consistent and Reaching ONEderland!

So, here are the big takeaways for every woman struggling to get below 199 on the scale and reach ONEderland  from today’s video:

  1. Fast weight loss is not permanent weight loss, switching your focus from the number on the scale is the first step to actually reaching your goal weight.
  2. Being discourage by the speed of your weight loss, says you are only focused on the number on the scale.  It’s time to change your focus to NON-scale healthy goals.
  3. NON-Scale healthy goals will help the number on the scale go down, and emotionally it will help you feel small successes over time.

The big takeaway here is that you can stay on track when the scale depresses you and takes you off track without having to watch the scale go back up again.


Printable Habit Trackers For Easy Weight Loss

Coach Michelle

Ace Certified Health Coach, Precision Nutrition PN1 Coach, Fit Chicks Certified Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Expert

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, MacrosHey You Amazing Lady! 

Let me help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. I've lost 120 pounds and maintained it for 8 years, and helped countless others reach their goal too. I'm an ACE Certified Health Coach, a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and a Certified Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Coach for people who want to reach ONEderland (below 199 on the scale) and stay there, I coach you and give you the tools to change your nutrition and movement habits and change you life forever.

Through my passionate and open hearted Online Wellness classes, Digital products, and a Simply Healthy Accountability membership. I'm here to inspire you to change your approach to weight loss and wellness—while making it all feel like a natural part of who you are.

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