Get ready to lose weight so you can see progress with your weight loss goal (so you don’t have to rely on motivation)!

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Welcome to “Get Motivated And Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goal Weight With Consistent Weight Loss”

In this amazing new video I discuss important  weight loss motivation points that will help you have hope that you can lose weight.

So if you want to stay motivated to lose weight (without having to use motivation to lose weight), check out the video right now!

In this video, you’ll discover:

Easy Formula To Staying Motivated To Lose Weight 

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Relying on motivation to reach your goal weight is like relying on motivation to brush your teeth or change your underwear… yes I just said that!

  • If your end goal is to keep the weight off once you reach your goal, it’s time to start approaching weight loss as something other than a diet.

  • Failing to Plan is Planning to fail…

  • And yes you can plan weight loss, in an odd way… You can not plan how much weight you will lose each week.  Yes this would be nice, but it just doesn’t work.

  • You can spend all your time and energy there and get really disappointed OR you can focus on what you can actually plan.

  • So let’s talk about what you can plan….

  • Meals

  • Water

  • Movement

  • Mindset— Or your response to things like…

  • How will you respond when a friend offers you something that doesn’t meet your plan?

  • How will you respond when you hear yourself making excuses to not move, or eat off plan?

  • How will you respond when someone else is eating something you really want but is off plan for now?

  • All of these areas are places where you can have a plan… Why do we want to do this, how can it help?  Let’s talk about a former client of mine, we’ll call her Sara…

  • Sara is an extremely busy professional with twin teenagers that play competitive volleyball basically year around.  When we started working together she was totally overwhelmed and felt she would never get consistent and she was doomed to be overweight forever! She was living on fast food, and delivery most days of the week.

  • She swore she didn’t have time to go to the store or plan or her meals and she didn’t have time to cook either. Over time we worked on shopping for 1 meal a week, she found a section of her store with pre-made salads and meals that were Whole Foods that just needed to be cooked and in some cases re-heated.

  • Her initial plan was to shop one day a week for that one meal and a few whole food snacks that would last a while like nuts, cheese sticks, greek yogurt.  She actually found this saved her time, and she started planning more meals.

  • In time she told me for the first time ever losing weight had become easy because she had created a plan, but she didn’t try to overhaul everything, just one small piece at a time… this is how we HACK motivation… we make it easier and we create little habits!

My biggest takeaways for you from this video are:

Fast weight loss is not permanent weight loss, switching your focus from overhauling it all to making small changes overtime will actually increase your weight loss success AND motivation

Making small changes overtime is creating habits, and habits are automatic, and we actually “crave” this new habit.

Big bonus!  Tracking our habits and checking them off gives us the added perk of the brain’s happy chemicals kicking in… just like crossing off something from our todo list.

Being discouraged by the speed of your weight loss, says you are only focused on the number on the scale.  It’s time to change your focus to NON-scale healthy goals and habits that support those goals.


Printable Habit Trackers For Easy Weight Loss

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