A Simple Weight Loss Plan That Leads You to a Body You Love and Ends the Fear of Failure

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Weight loss is one of the simplest and most difficult things in the world.  You want a simple weight loss plan, that’s why you clicked the link… 

But weight loss is the simplest plan because in theory we all know we need to eat less to lose weight.  And if we move more it helps.

I can tell you the first time a doctor put me on a weight loss plan I was 9.  There was a list of foods to eat, and he explained to eat these foods and move more…. 

Yeah…. that didn’t work, I was on that plan until I was 42 and faced with my 3rd round of 100 pound weight loss!

Sooo, how do we really lose weight and keep it off?

First off ignoring what the diet industry says is a good place to start. 😉

But really, I’m going to share ONE thing that is really over looked… how our perspective colors our weight loss!

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Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

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A simple weight loss plan focuses on whole foods made with love… notice I didn’t say tasteless healthy food.  Because some of the most amazing foods, I’ve had were simple with good seasoning.

So the simple weight loss plan I’m sharing with you here is not about the food you eat or the workout you do in the gym.  Because come on, it’s eat less and move more…. 

We have all heard this a million times, but are you still trying to lose weight and riding the weight loss rollercoaster?

Let’s get started!

Simple Weight Loss Plan: Tip #1

Did you know how we see the world colors how we see ourselves?

This seems like an odd part of a weight loss plan I know!  But walk with me….

How many times have you started a diet, and life got in the way?

How many times have you started a diet and somebody said something to you, and you got pissed or hurt or…. and then all of a sudden you were eating yourself to death?

Not letting life and people get in the way of our health requires a perspective shift.

Letting others opinions or words affect how we react does nothing but hurt us in the long run.

I’ll be honest, this was a totally new concept to me 7 years ago!

I became aware of how I was viewing myself through the lense of others and allowing it throw my diet in toilet.

So the first tip is to start an awareness journal. How often are you allowing others words, looks or feeling affect your weight loss journey?


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Simple Weight Loss Plan: Tip #2

Let’s talk about how we talk to ourselves.

The words we say to ourselves becomes our reality.  This is why a shift in perspective is important. Imagine for a minute this is what you constantly hear in your head…

  • “I hate exercise!”
  • “Losing weight is hard!”
  • “I can’t lose weight!”
  • “I’m always going to be fat, so why try?”

What do all of these have in common?

Everyone of these perspectives stops us from staying consistent.  They keep our mind in a place of walking up a 1000 mile hill.   It’s a choice to think this way.

“I don’t have any choices….”

This is soooo important!  

Remember, what you think about you bring about!  I have no idea where I heard that, but it is so true!

And the hokey thing is as I was losing weight the third time, everytime I heard these things in my head, I said to myself what you think about you bring about Michelle… remember “You get to change!”

And when I said “I hate vegetables!”  I said to myself, “Michelle, what you think about your bring about…” 

And I changed it to “I choose healthy.”

These little shifts in perspective and adjustment of the words in my head were key in my weight loss!

What are you going to choose?


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Simple Weight Loss Plan: Tip #3

Did you know that a simple shift in perspective can help with self love?

As you are working on the words in your head, I bet you start catching yourself in the act of being mean to yourself.

I spent so many years punishing myself with food, and then later exercise… this is not the solution.  😉

There are no good or bad foods, and we are not good or bad for eating them.  But boy we sure punish ourselves.  

Changing your perspective can also include changing those words in your head that say nasty things about you!

As your changing how you think about people and situations also look into changing your perspective about the person you are vs the person you want to be.

If your looking in the mirror and saying nasty things to yourself, how do you think that perspective is affecting you?

Giving yourself kind words and grace and ending the hate fest is a step in a direction toward a simple weight loss plan.

Weight loss isn’t about eat less and move more, it’s about changing how you feel about yourself so your fueling your body with foods that make it feel good 85-90% of the time.

That other 10-15% enjoy foods that maybe a little less healthy but are enjoyable nonetheless.

When I realized this journey didn’t have to be an all-or-nothing trap, and I started making a plan and sticking to it, and shifting my perspective towards a healthy lifestyle.  That is when everything started to stick.

Let’s Close This Out…

I am a firm believer, and I am proof that after a lifetime of being overweight, you can change the stories in your head and shift your perspective.

For those of us that have always lived with the weight hanging on us it seems the journey is a little different.  

We don’t have any habits to fall back on, our mindset is in a different place and we have been beaten ourselves, our entire lives for our weight.  

This beating has come externally from the bullies that thought it was fun to pick on us, the doctors that thought they were helping by letting us know we needed to lose weight, often times our parents and their friends too.  

This beating has also come internally from us, we try and try and failure is often around the corner.  We are different than the person that put on weight later in life because it’s the only life we know.

All of this to say… it’s time to change your perspective and find new ways to see yourself and those around you. 

Now you are an adult. And this adult needs to nurture the child inside that is bruised and battered. Changing the words in your head is a nurturing process, and this process can lead to weight loss.  But more importantly it can also lead to healing.

If you are ready for support for this healing process, you can find that support in my Facebook Group.  Join us for a ton of fun, support and coaching opportunities to help you move forward on this journey.  

Sending you off with love and hugs!  

Coach Michelle

Ace Certified Health Coach, Precision Nutrition PN1 Coach, Fit Chicks Certified Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Expert

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A Simple Weight Loss Plan That Leads You to a Body You Love and Ends the Fear of Failure