In this article we will discuss the challenges involved in committing to your weight loss journey. I offer 4 solutions to these challenges that work, if you choose to work them.

Losing 100 Pounds-Weight Loss Commitment

And right after reading that statement your stomach is in knots, you know you need to lose weight, a lot of weight… Thoughts like, I am a fat and I will never be thin and sexxy run through your mind. It’s so frustrating, and its miserable.
There are a ton of tips out there on how to commit to weight loss, and maybe you try for a while, but then frustration sets in. It’s a SLOW process and that old voice in your head starts poking holes in your commitment. Losing 100 pounds is a long-term project! And you’re not sure if you can keep “it” going long enough to get “there”.
A weight loss commitment is scary. I know, I lost 100 pounds 5 pounds at a time. And I was scared to commit to more than that. I focused on that next 5 pounds. Turns out it worked, but I didn’t know why….
Here are 4 tips commit to your weight loss that I used to be successful, and my clients are having the same type of success! It requires focus, but I know you can do that. So here we go….

Four Tips to Commit to Losing 100 Pounds and Stay Committed!

1. Write it Down

Make a small commitment to yourself. Committing to the whole 100 pounds is great, but it’s hard to stay focused on that… there’s nothing to celebrate for a long time mentally if your goal is to lose 100 pounds.
Write down a smaller goal like 5 pounds, and give yourself a deadline. I gave myself 5 weeks to lose 5 pounds. And I usually made it in under that time, but oh how amazing I felt when I reached that 5 pound goal, ahead of schedule!
Giving yourself small achievable goals with a deadline that is “easy”, give you the confidence to keep going when life gets in the way.
Once you have achieved that goal, write your next one. You can use my goal Journal to write it out and keep a record of your goals. This helps keep the motivation going!
I have created a planner for you to track your goals. Go here to download it! Enjoy!

2. Share your goal with your loved ones

This one can be soooo hard! And I know, we are not all lucky to have supportive loved ones. So here is my suggestion, look for the loved ones that will be in your corner. And block out the ones that make the nasty sarcastic comments. You know the ones, “Your doing this again?”.
If your loved ones, are a little too skeptical, or your fear prevents you from sharing… Find a group that will support and love you through the ups and downs. Because I would love to tell you this journey is all roses and sunshine, but in reality there are parts that just plain suck!

Share here if you can’t share with Loved Ones

I have a group that is there to support you. Mastering Your Journey to ONEderland, is my Facebook group. And I am in there too, to share the love. Stop by and check it out. It is a closed group so anything shared in that group stays in that group. And It is a no judgement zone meant to provide love, support and tips to all that join.

3. Change your MINDSET 

Those that say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Don’t know what they are talking about. If I can change my mindset after 40 years, you can too! Like everything else in life that is worth having, it takes work!
That sinking feeling you got when you read Weight Loss Commitment in the top of this post is a great place to start. Why did it make your tummy go south? What thoughts went through your head? And what thought did you have that you can mentally fight back and tell yourself it’s okay?

My Fight to Change My Mindset

Here is what I had to fight, I can’t lose weight and keep it off. See I have lost 100 pounds 3 times in my life. Each time, I lost it quickly. I am lucky, I lose weight fast. I am unlucky too, I can gain 10 lbs in one day. So, how did I change this mindset?
I quit trying to lose the weight FAST… And I didn’t force myself to be perfect. I accepted that life events happen, and I would choose the healthiest option available. Make a conscious choice that may not have the weight loss occur in the quickest manner. But this would allow me to live life. At the same time, I chose to control my daily actions.

There is More….

There is so much more on this, but to prevent overwhelm I will move on. The class I am putting together has an in-depth module on changing mindset for weight loss with small steps that can be taken on a daily basis.
If this is your challenge on your journey, please jump on the waitlist for the class! I would love to have you join my community and learn as much as you can and support you on this journey!

4. Change your Environment 

As a Mom, it’s our job to keep the family healthy. At least that is how I view it. 🙂 Now, I don’t know about you, but I do all the shopping, cooking and meal planning in the house. (As well as the Cleanup… most days. hahah)

How to Start Changing the Environment

So how did I change my environment? I stopped buying processed foods. I researched quick and easy and healthy crock pot meals for my very busy family and I “adjusted” the snacks available in the house.
Now when I did this, I had 1 teenager in the house and 2 elementary school children, and let’s not forget the hubby… Did I get pushback initially? YES! This is where mindset is important… and the mom brain. I ignored it! Just like when they whined about homework or the honey “do list”.
I did offer them an explanation… “I am doing it for the health of us all!” Did they like it all the time? No! Did they go out and buy different stuff? Well, not in my house, because they were too busy, most of the time. LOL But if they did, they “hid” it from me. Which in the beginning of my journey was quite helpful. Because I still wanted the stuff. But I knew, it was not serving my purpose.

Steps I followed

So the exact steps I took to restructure my environment included not buying my trigger foods. To clarify, those are the foods, that given a weak moment, I would eat to extinction. These foods were not brought into the house. If something was brought into the house that I knew I couldn’t control myself with… the trash or garbage disposal was my friend.
This doesn’t go on forever, eventually, I learned to change my mindset so I can have them in the house and not eat them… well 90% of the time. 🙂
Just know if it triggers you, trash it. (For Now)

Where to go from here when losing 100 pounds or more?

Committing to weight loss is a challenge, you are not alone! You see it’s not just weight loss, you have gotten to the point of needing to lose 100 pounds or more for a reason. Once you have reached this point it’s because food is how you deal with life. I want so much more for you!
There are some pretty awesome ways to deal with life that have nothing to do with food, but it’s a learning experience to get there and find out what works for you. I am not here to tell you what worked for me will work for you. But I would love to help guide you to find a solution that helps you on your journey to healthy.
I have pointed out a few ways in this post that will get you on your way.

Here is your to-do list:

  • Jump on the waitlist for the class on mindset (No obligation, but during the rollout I will be sharing a ton of free resources… so it’s to your advantage to at least sign up. 🙂 )
  • The community for this class is going to be flipping amazing!!! I am excited by all the interest! Don’t lose out! 🙂
I am excited to see and help you on your journey to ONEderland, may it be healthy and filled with new insight and some Joy!
Sending love and hugs to all! There is simply not enough love shared these days. 🙂 If you have questions or need help on your Journey make sure you join the group! I do a lot of free coaching and helping in that group.