Losing 100 Pounds Consistently is Possible when you stop trying to do it fast.  It was the fast part that threw my weight loss journey waaaay off track.

I had to stop dieting and trying to do it in 6 months.  Because doing this way caused me to gain it all back when I was done, not once but twice.

When I resigned myself to losing the weight in a year or more, I ROCKED it, I want you to ROCK it too.  Take a moment and see the shifts I made, and my results and see if it will work for you too!

Don’t Know Where to Start Creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle?

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

If you're new here, and you don’t know where to start on your journey? I lost 120 lbs and I have kept it off for almost 8 years.  Check out the following posts to get you started.

 And while you're here ya should definitely grab guide to get started creating some basic habits, the pre work no one talks about to creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle.

Losing 100 Pounds and Being Consistent Took a Mindset Shift

Stop Stress & Emotional Eating with Simple & Sustainable Habits

Let’s Close This Out…

Losing 100+ pounds wasn’t a quick  journey. I chose to make my journey a #JourneyToHealthy instead of an all or nothing life suck.

By taking it slow and focusing on these 4 pillars I was able to lose 120 pounds and finally maintain it for 5 years. The 4 pillars I focused on were:

  1. Mindset
  2. Habits
  3. Nutrition
  4. Movement/Fitness

The weight maintenance starts in the journey itself.  Learning new ways to live and love life.

If your ready to learn new ways to live and love life make sure head over to my Facebook Group Mastering Weight Loss for Women Over 40, where I share tips to help you master the 4 pillars of 100 pound weight loss.

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Mastering Weight Loss Losing 100 Pounds for Women Over 40

Coach Michelle

Ace Certified Health Coach, Precision Nutrition PN1 Coach, Fit Chicks Certified Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Expert

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, MacrosHey You Amazing Lady! 

Let me help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. I've lost 120 pounds and maintained it for 8 years, and helped countless others reach their goal too. I'm an ACE Certified Health Coach, a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and a Certified Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Coach for people who want to reach ONEderland (below 199 on the scale) and stay there, I coach you and give you the tools to change your nutrition and movement habits and change you life forever.

Through my passionate and open hearted Online Wellness classes, Digital products, and a Simply Healthy Accountability membership. I'm here to inspire you to change your approach to weight loss and wellness—while making it all feel like a natural part of who you are.

And when I'm not coaching you can find me walking with my teens, hanging with my hubby, or playing with my dogs (all four of them).

Losing 100 Pounds and being Consistent is Possible!