Let’s break our focus on the scale

So often we focus solely on the scale and it makes for a slow journey, telling ourselves how slow it’s moving and how hard it is… Let’s talk about why we need to change that story in our heads!

Welcome to “Consistent Weight Loss Formula For Women Struggling To Lose A Lot Of Weight: Stay On Track When You Get Discouraged By The Number On The Scale”

In this new Facebook Live we discuss essential  weight loss topics that will help you see the numbers on the scale drop.

So if you want to stay on track when the scale depresses you and takes you off track (without having to go off track because of the scale), check out Facebook Live right now!

In this Facebook Live, you’ll discover:

Tip – Focus Switch #3: Rewire Your Brain For Success Instead Of Expecting Failure

  • The number on the scale is just one metric of success, but we put all our focus on this one number

  • In the big picture there is a lot more to being healthy than the number on the scale

  • So many of us have a negative story in our heads, and I was soo guilty of this too!

  • I’m gonna get a little woo-woo, so bare with me!

  • It’s time to rewire the brain for success instead of failure!

  • This month we have looked at switching foci in our weight loss, but I’m willing to bet many think I’m full of crap!

  • They fully believe they need to focus on 3 things

  • Eat less

  • Move more

  • The number on the scale

  • Let me ask you this?  If this has been your focus, how far has it gotten you?

  • This last piece is really gonna throw ya for a loop!

  • It’s time to start looking yourself in the eye, and telling yourself “I can do this, I will choose healthy every day”

  • Why? Because this helps to rewire your brain.  When we look someone in the eye and talk to them it imprints on our brain, and speaking out loud to ourselves while looking ourselves in the eye has the same effect!

  • I had to do this with my lose skin after my weight loss.

  • I had all kinds of negative thoughts about how I looked, but I don’t want surgery, so this was my solution.

My biggest takeaways for you from this video are:

Fast weight loss is not permanent weight loss, switching your focus from the number on the scale is the first step to actually reaching your goal weight.

Being discouraged by the speed of your weight loss, says you are only focused on the number on the scale.  It’s time to change your focus to NON-scale healthy goals and ways of measuring if the scale truly messes with your head.

Changing the thoughts in our heads and believing we can be healthy takes work.  But it’s work that will help you reach your happy destination.

More Information:

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