Welcome to Reaching ONEderland where my goal is to help you reach your goal and maintain it because without maintaining your weight loss goal, you are actually on a weight loss rollercoaster, and I don’t want you there. I want you to hit your goal and stay there.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Become a MacroUnicorn where I teach you how to use macros to lose weight, balance hormones, bust cravings, and break the weight loss plateaus.

So what is episode 17? I actually want to talk to you about, the reasons intuitive eating didn’t work for me. And I don’t think it’s going to work for you and why I chose Macros instead.

Intuitive eating always cracks me up because I could intuitively eat an entire box of donuts because they taste good.

And in a period of my life where I used food to cope, a box of donuts was right up there with what I would be eating.

Another problem with intuitive eating is I am hungry all the flipping and time.

And if I eat according to the intuitive eating “rules”, I’m eating when I’m hungry and only when I’m hungry.

Well, that leads me to eat a whole lot more if I don’t have some kind of a structure.

And finally, and another reason is, my world was focused on food. So intuitively eating means you sit there and you enjoy what you’re eating.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t incorporate some of the intuitive eating philosophies into Macros.

But I’m saying the intuitive eating alone is not going to help you reach your weight loss goal!

This is because there’s no structure.

And to be perfectly honest with you with intuitive eating when my cravings took me way off track, I gained weight because there was no structure to intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is “eat what makes your body feel good”.

Well, my body felt pretty flipping awesome at that period in my life, eating a box of donuts or eating two snicker bars on the way home from the store.

I wasn’t in tune enough with my body at that time to pay attention to how inflamed I felt- or to me, it was a normal feeling.

In This Episode I share:

  • Why structure is needed to lose weight and maintain that weight loss
  • Why intuitive eating does not provide that structure
  • What happens when we intuitively eat and don’t get enough calories (hint slows weight loss)
  • Why tracking calories is a great return on your time investment (that feeling of success is like a drug!)
  • Why adding structure can bust some of your cravings
  • Why whole foods in any program is the way to go
  • Why you need to know your body type to feed your body what it needs to lose weight
  • Why tracking your food can be one of your most important healthy habits.
  • Why macros and tracking your food can help you lose weight consistently, balance hormones, bust cravings, break plateaus, & get back on track


If you want to learn more about becoming a MacroUnicorn, you can check that out at ONEderlandWellness.net/MacroUnicorn.

Remember- You can do anything for five minutes, it’s those small, consistent steps that you take every day that get you to your goal. In this case, tracking what you eat and following your Macros!


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Intuitive Eating Doesn\'t Work For Weight Loss