I Lost 100 Pounds Using these 3 Mindset Strategies

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I lost 100 pounds, using mindset strategies to stop self sabotage.  These are two of the factors that affect weight loss outside of “eat less & move more”. If you are positive you won’t succeed, guess what?  You won’t!


My childhood through adulthood was filled with moments that left me with a less than mindset.  It always felt like I was fighting an uphill battle. I remember my dad’s friends telling me I would be so pretty if I just lost weight. Mom’s acquaintances would whisper she would be so pretty if…

Hell even the doctor said to me when I was 9 you would be so pretty if you just lost the weight.  So let’s fix this and he put me on my first 800-1200 calorie diet.

This story continued until my 21st birthday when I lost 100 pounds in about 4 months.  Let’s just say this is NOT the way to do it! I was bombarded by all the stuff in life I didn’t deal with up to that point.  But I had no way to handle all the changes that occurred to me. The same old mindset mindset was there.

I did meet the love of my life during this time, and we are still together. We were blessed.  But ya know what…those first few years were tough! The weight all came back. I was emotionally immature and I looked to him to make me happy.

This continued for years!  I lost 100 lbs again at 34, but had pretty much the same results.

So why is all this important to you?

This important to you for a few reasons.    

If you are…  

  1. losing and gaining and saying you just can’t stay consistent on your weight loss journey one of the biggest reasons is mindset. 
  2. struggling to lose the weight because you are sabotaging yourself out of fear, or feeling not enough the journey is going to make you feel even worse about yourself.  
  3. able to power through and lose the weight, life will not be fixed unless you do the mindset work too. Losing the weight is only the first part!    

Trying to take on a large weight loss without addressing mindset is a big ole’ setup.

Let’s talk about 3 ways you can help your weight loss consistency by addressing mindset .

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I Lost 100 Pounds— I Had to Start Believing I was Enough

This sounds really silly to some.  But honestly I spent a lifetime believing that I wasn’t enough.  As I lost 100 pounds, I worked on my mind. 

If you have read or listened to anything from me you know I had a lot of mantras or affirmations.  I often found my mind going off the rails with all the should’s, it thought I “should be” doing.    

So to calm my mind I would take a breath and say out loud to myself… “Michelle, your doing the best you can in the moment, just stop.” This would help me with the crazy circle in my head that lead to the stomach ache, which led to me wanting to eat to get rid of the pit in my stomach.

Working to stop those old thoughts is a step toward change.

The brain can be rewired. But for them to be effective it requires you to be willing to believe and the only way I could do this was to incorporate breathing techniques with my affirmations.  I share my favorite breathing technique in the Stress Tip Sheet that I will share in the comments.   




I lost 100 Pounds by Making Myself a Priority

Do you put everyone above you?    This is a hard one for most women and I’m no exception! I lost 100 lbs by learning to say no, when it was appropriate.

A 100 pound weight loss does take a commitment. And sometimes it requires saying “No” to those you love.

Part of the 100 pound weight loss journey requires change and change is hard. So saying no when you know it just doesn’t fit your plan or your unable to “control” yourself with the food available then saying no is the best viable option to start.  It gets easier but keeping to a plan at the beginning is setting yourself up for success.

It’s okay to make yourself a priority until you get a grip on what works for you.  When I started I sat down with my family explained what I wanted, and why I wanted it and asked for help.  They wanted me to succeed so they did help most of the time.

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Stop Stress Eating With Habits

I lost 100 Pounds by Listening to and Validating the Little Voices in My Head—but I DID Not Cave

I lost 100 lbs because I learned to listen to those little voices in my head.  And no your not crazy!

Those little voices in your head that don’t believe, and criticize you as you are trying to change have many names.  Some call them your inner child, others call them your inner critic or maybe even the angel and devil on your shoulder.

Whatever name you decide to call them, your not crazy. They are there because you have a lifetime of experiences and they are trying to protect you the only way they know how.

One of the best mindset repair activities you can do is to listen to what they are saying and try to understand where they are coming from…

The inner voice in my head was often about 3 years old just wanting everything NOW!  She wanted food NOW, weight loss NOW, and everything to work her way NOW. As an adult with children, as I became aware of the NOW, I started to see my toddler children in my head.  And I would remember the majorly embarrassing temper tantrum my oldest threw in Walmart when he was 3.  

I was so overwhelmed, when he did this.  He literally l laid on the floor of the electronics section of Walmart and screamed bloody murder because I said no to him about the game he wanted.  

So what did we do?  

Hubby & I both have Psychology degrees that were completely useless.  hahah We picked him up and walked right out of the store. Not getting a single thing we had gone in to get.

As a parent, the growth in that situation was in the follow up.  🙂 Once everyone calmed down we talked about the situation and in 3 year old terms explained his options in that situation.

Discuss Your Options With Yourself

I employed this same technique and you can too.  When you feel that NOW feeling, discuss options with yourself for future situations.    

These options can become your new goto when you feel that “NOW” feeling, but the key here is being aware and paying attention to how your feeling and why your feeling it.  Writing down the situation and the options really helped.

Let’s Close This Out…

Weight loss consistency and mindset go hand in hand.  Mindset is not a quick fix, let’s be honest… You’ve had a lifetime to build up a belief system.  Every interaction you’ve ever had and every good and bad events have lead you to where you are now.  So changing how you react to given situation can take some time. But it’s doable. 3 Mindset Strategies you can use to help you are:  

  1. Believe you are enough 
  2. Make Yourself a Priority 
  3. Listen to and validate the little voices in your headbut don’t cave  

If you’re ready to take your weight loss journey to a new level and learn what may be holding you back, make sure you join my Facebook Support Group Mastering Weight Loss Losing 100 Pounds for Women Over 40.  I can’t wait to see ya on the inside!

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I Lost 100 Pounds Using these 3 Mindset Strategies