We all know the holidays add a little extra twist of fun, food and stress. And having health for the holidays feels like a pipe dream!

Before I started my journey to healthy, I also thought the holiday was a free for all on the junk.  So from mid October when I bought the trick-or-treat candy until mid January I went on a binge to end all binges.

I would steal all the Snickers from the bags of candy and eat several a day.  If a treat was offered I’d take one or two. The calories and the weight just piled on over the holidays.

Every night I would promise myself, tomorrow would be different.  It was a new day, and yet tomorrow was the same and I just kept eating. I didn’t feel like I had control! Health for the holidays was a pipe dream…

This was my story, is yours similar?

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Once I started my 100 pound weight loss journey… what I like to call my journey to healthy, I took steps to change all this.

Now I started my journey on a Thursday in May. So I had several months to lead into this, but fear not!

All of the things I am going to share, you can implement right now to help you maintain or possibly even lose over the holidays and have your own health for the holidays.

My goal for you is for you to HAPPY HEALTHY HOLIDAY season, and that all starts this week!

(Be on the lookout for my program to help you do just that this year).?

Let’s cover 3 things I did to set myself up for success–so you can take what works for you!

Health for the Holidays Tip #1: Planned Indulgence

Probably one of the best things I ever did for myself was to decide to remove my all or nothing mentality for this season and in general!

There was a time where I thought perfection was required and the minute I went off “plan” even a little, it was over with.  I would binge for days.    I was stuck in a circle of hate.    

Unfortunately, this was complete with a double sided stomach ache.  One from the guilt of not living up to my standards, and then coming at me from the other side because of all the junk I was eating.

So how does a planned indulgence work?

There are a few ways to implement this, but I am going to share two.

Planned Indulgence Way One:

This method is done week by week.

Take a look at your week…  Is there something going on that has a treat you truly enjoy.  (Guess what it is OKAY to enjoy food! AND it’s okay to enjoy food that is decadent!)

Maybe you have a party at Aunt Sally’s house and you know she is making your favorite Chocolate Mousse’ pie.  This could be your planned indulgence for the week!

The idea is to take care of yourself for the week, enjoy the time with Aunt Sally and have a normal size portion of her amazing pie, this is still having health for the holidays!

Now there is no beating yourself up the next day because you went off plan.  Because you planned it! The next day you just return to normal.  And continue taking care of you!

Planned Indulgence Way Two:

This is the method I have always used to have health for the holiday….

I personally love our holiday traditions in my home.  The food part was spread out over October, November, December AND January.  LOL

So I took steps to trim it a lot.  But I kept our favorite parts and make them available on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve day.  On these three days and only on these days, I don’t weigh my food.  And I don’t pay attention to my version of healthy.  On these days, I just enjoy our treats.

I take a few steps to make this possible…. I don’t buy or make anything in bulk.  Also, I only make and buy enough for the people attending on those days. (NO LEFT OVERS)

These steps allow me to , just say no when we attend parties or other activities during the season.  

For me, mentally when I go to these functions, I just remind myself of all the amazing stuff I get to enjoy on our family days.  This works for me.

Both ways of doing planned indulgences work!  They also keep the motivation high when you play little games with yourself.  ?

These games keep you on track with your health for the holidays because you have a reward at the end.  Not that I’m advocating food as a reward. 

But during the holiday season it’s all about presents and giving.  So give yourself the gift of enjoying the holiday season, and learn how to enjoy it without just food.


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Health for the Holidays Tip #2: Add a Movement Habit or Keep Your Existing One

If you have an existing movement or exercise routine, don’t give it up during this season!  This is really important in your quest for health for the holidays.  

Make sure you make this a non-negotiable in your life.

The stress of the holidays can make us a little more emotional than usual and movement is a great stress reliever.  

I don’t care if your movement is walking your house, outdoors or the mall… keep moving(or start–little bits at a time)!

If going to the gym is your thing,(Yay sister) then make the trip to the gym… or in my case to my basement.  

I am known for my 4:30 am workouts.  If you do it early there is no excuse.

Movement doesn’t have to be something you hate.  Try dancing with kids or grandkids to some holiday favorites.  🙂 Anything to get the blood pumping and bring a smile to your face.


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Health for the Holidays Tip #3:  Take The Time To Meal Plan

The final tip for your health for the holidays… and I bet you guys are starting to think I am a broken record!  But Plan your meals!

The holidays are not a time to slack on your planning!  Planning actually gives you flexibility.

During this season, I keep some staples in my house at all times that I can resort to that are quick and easy.  Just in case the family decides to do fast food or take out. It happens, but I don’t want to fall back on these… first off it makes me sick.  Second it takes my power away.

Overall, if you plan the meals and do crock pot meals there is no reason for anyone to resort to take out… unless they want to. ?

So take the time to plan.  30 minutes of planning saves hours of frustration and a ton of money.

Let’s Close This Out…

The journey to healthy, and having health for the holidays, and reaching your 100 pound weight loss goal, does NOT mean giving up all your favorites!

It does mean learning a little restraint, and enjoying a single portions and planning your treats.

If you make a plan for your indulgences, keep moving and plan your meals over the holidays… your on a path to success in your journey.

And if you are in need of support over the holidays, make sure you jump into the Facebook Group filled with supportive women that also have 100 pounds to lose, or they are somewhere on that journey.  We would love to have you!


Coach Michelle

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