Building a meaningful, mindful relationship with food

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Let’s do an experiment. If I tell you, “stop thinking about potato chips!” then what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Potato chips.

So now remember each time when you decide to go on a diet, you promise to “stop eating XYZ”, but after awhile you realize you keep thinking about XYZ, and eventually you start eating XYZ again.

That’s because when you tell yourself to “stop thinking about this, stop eating that”, your mind perceives it as “talking yourself into” doing something. This is use of willpower. And willpower does not always work. Think about all those attempts you have to stay on a diet with just will power.

However, when you set an intention, you can influence the EXPECTATION of the subconscious mind.
With an intention, you are telling your subconscious mind this is what you expect. This is to align your true desire with a meaningful goal that is the bigger picture of you.

For example, what sounds better, “stop eating junk food” OR “to enjoy the pleasure of eating healthy food in a healthy way”? Which sounds more like what you really, really want for life?

The intention of building an excellent relationship with food sounds more meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding, isn’t it? And because it’s more truthful to your authentic self, it’s going to last long too.

So instead of “cutting the relationship with certain food”, you want to “build a healthy relationship with food”. Think about what a healthy relationship entails: respect, appreciation, gratitude, patience, understanding, contentment, and satisfaction. That’s right; you can have that with food.

So now, just before you take that first bite, pause for a moment and breathe in contentment and with a slow exhalation, relax your face and soften the body. Now pick up that first bite of food and really look at it. Notice the colors, shape, texture, the feeling inside your body when you look at this food and just think, I’m grateful to have it as my source of energy.

Direct that gratitude toward the food that is about to enter your body. Now just say this in your mind as if you really mean it: I am so easily satisfied. I am content. I am fulfilled.

As you put that food in your mouth, now savor it more than ever before. Really notice the texture, scent, flavor, and the feelings inside your body. Think like this bite is all that exists because this moment is all yours, the special one between just you and the food.

As you begin to notice the sensations inside your body, the food is communicating with you, and you know that you’re getting good at knowing how much and what kind of food is just right for you to have the joy of eating. And as you continue to eat and savor each bite, you become aware of details that you haven’t noticed before. Just by noticing these things lets you become more appreciative of how much more you can feel and connect to yourself.

And as you continue to notice the feeling of eating and enjoy feeling that feeling of reconnecting with yourself, you truly understand that you are at the safe, secure, comfortable time and space to savor this experience. You get to savor the way the food tastes and feels in your mouth, through your throat, to your stomach, and you can just think to yourself, I am so content. I am protected.

The more you practice, the more you will enjoy your food at each bite. As you begin to notice how each bite makes you feel, you’re becoming more and more grateful at how easily you’re satisfied and how content you are. The more grateful you are, the more satisfied you become and the more satisfied you become, the more content you are.

And the more content you are, the less you desire excessive eating or grabbing junk food because you’re already appreciative and fulfilled, so you don’t need to overeat unhealthy food anymore. That’s how you know now you are free.

That’s right. Free and finding it easy to recognize satisfaction and it’s fun to push extra food away, because you have that freedom. You’re free to know that extra food serves no purpose inside your body. With that freedom, just acknowledge your worthiness by repeating in your mind I am worthy to be free. Because I deserve it.

With this way to establish a new way to connect yourself with food, this new relationship with food brings a beautiful, nourishing experience as you use food to fuel, energize and revitalize your body. This healthy relationship makes food your best partner that you want to nurture in a positive way that grows, continues to get better, and makes you feel more wonderful.

Ophelia Wang

Ophelia began studying alternative therapy after major upheavals in life and nothing worked to relieve her pain. With background of botany, ecology, conservation and geography as a professional consultant to heal the natural environment, Ophelia is now dedicated to heal the human environment. Learning from master teachers, Ophelia integrates many techniques of hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to enhance self-growth, recovery from past trauma, and self-worth. Ophelia provides online and in-person hypnotherapy sessions to address many physical-emotional issues.