There are a lot of questions about what is the best weight loss program, is it Paleo, or Keto or Whole 30… To be honest, there isn’t a “Perfect Program”. Everyone has their belief, but diet isn’t a belief system. It’s a bunch of biochemistry and numbers with a little hormone thrown to keep it interesting.

When trying to lose weight implementing a lifestyle you can live with is the best choice. A diet that provides the nutrients the body needs to function, and makes you feel good and energetic.

Sorry guys, in reality pizza is not a food group. But even completely removing this from your diet is not a lifestyle. If you can go the rest of your life without Pizza and Burritos I salute you! The goal with a lifestyle is to include these items without overdoing it. It is possible to eat two slices of pizza and a salad for dinner. 🙂

Weight Loss Program|Based on Nutrition Camp

The nutrition camp you decide to join is up to you. Making conscious nutrition choices is huge. To go along with choosing minimally processed foods. These two actions will have the biggest effect on that pesky number on the scale.

The primary goal with nutrition is to eat balanced minimally processed meals. A balanced meal includes those meals that have Protein, Fat and Fiber (Yes carbs are required and fiber is a carb). The balanced diet, keeps the body functioning at top performance levels.

To eat balanced meals, and yes to include carbs is the goal. But why do you keep hearing how bad carbs are? We will address this next!

Weight Loss Program|The best has to be Low Carb or is it Low Fat?

What about carbs?

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Carbs are not bad!!! Our brain and body need them to function. They are fuel for our muscles, brain and body, and on average our bodies can use/consume over 200 grams of carbs per day. Cutting carbs give the immediate weight loss you see on the scale. But what you are seeing is the depletion of carbs and water from the muscles.

This depletion makes it look like you have lost a lot of weight fast, but the carbs in the muscles store water. And it’s this water weight you are losing. That is the where the term I lost water weight comes from. If your goal is to lower body fat cutting carbs isn’t doing much for you in the long run. All it is doing is changing the number on the scale quickly.

Where is the “bad” carb thing coming from?

To be honest it’s the processed carbs, that are bad for you. Fruits and vegetables are carbs too, and we should be eating around 12 servings of these per day. Whole grains are also good for you too. The goal is to eat whole grains that don’t have added sugars and are minimally processed. Think rice, corn, oats, and quinoa.

It is true that fruits have sugar, but they also have a lot of other nutrients our bodies need to function. Removing fruit from your diet due to natural sugar isn’t going to make you any healthier or lose weight quicker. Keeping fruits at 2-3 servings per day, you are still getting way less sugar than you would with a bottle of soda.

What about Fat?

So what about Fat? We are trying to lose fat, why would we eat it? Our bodies actually need certain kinds of fats in an amount that sits around 25-35% of our daily calories. These fats help keep our hormones balanced and help keep us feel full longer.

Ever notice when you eat something with a high fat content (Pizza) how full you feel and how long it lasts? That is the fat content of the food. So all that gooey cheese is actually doing something besides clogging arteries. 🙂

Fat’s & Their Effect on Hormones

Now, when I say hormones, I am sure most of us start to think about Estrogen and Testosterone. And yes fat’s keep these balanced too. But there are also digestive hormones. Leptin and Ghrelin as well as a few I can read, but can’t pronounce. 🙂 These hormones are responsible for a good part of our digestion, and how full we feel. Eating fat keeps these hormones balanced too. They also help us feel full longer and absorb the nutrients we eat.

Now part of this is because fat’s are calorie dense. A very low calorie diet will cause an increase in the hunger hormones. And a decrease in the hormones that make us feel full. But that is a topic for another post. Let’s say, I am not a fan of a 1200 calorie diet for anyone. Because MOST people need more than to sustain their bodies.

It is better to lose the weight slower, keep it off, and not still be starving 2 years after your diet. Because this hormone imbalance can be a long term side effect.

Okay, going full circle back to the topic at hand…

Weight Loss Program| But you said there wasn’t a Perfect One, and here you are saying we need carbs & fats & protein.

And yes, that is my “belief”, but that doesn’t make it a perfect choice for everyone! You see I don’t fall into the Paleo, Whole 30 or Keto (which I always want to call Atkins… yes, I’m old) camp. I fall into the whole foods made with love, with a side of anything in moderation camp. LOL

Over my lifetime of dieting, this is the first time in my life I can say, I know what foods trigger me to overeat. I got to this point with the mindset work we are doing in the my facebook group (Click here to check it out! Everyone is welcome!). But I can also say no to these foods when I need to. So I don’t cut them out of my life, but I choose when I eat them. And if overeat them, I don’t beat myself up. I just return to normal at the very next meal. To me, for the first time ever, “I feel normal.”

So my question to everyone reading the post, what is your desired normal? Keep in mind it’s not possible to eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. Most people can’t do this and maintain a healthy weight. (Unless you have the metabolism of my husband, but if you did, you wouldn’t have a need to read this post… 😉 )

Share in the comments below, what is your desired normal?

Sending love and Hugs to All!