Are you tired of not losing weight? These Top 3 Blog Posts from 2019 are sure to help!


One year ago this week, I started this blog adventure with one goal.  That goal was to provide real help to real women that had spent a lifetime extremely overweight and they were not losing weight.

I weighed over 200 pounds by the time I was in 8th grade. Unfortunately, I don’t know what my highest weight was because I went years without weighing myself, but at 42 I know I weighed 286 pounds…

In my 20’s I got down to 160-170, in my 30’s I got back down to 160-170, but in my 40’s I learned how to change my habits, mindset and I rocked it and got down to 135-140.  I have been hanging out here for 5 years.

This isn’t a share to brag… I share because I want YOU to know you can too! If your not losing weight because you find consistency difficult, there is something here for you!

Over this last year, I have written a blog post almost every week (Missed a couple for family events… those weeks are facebook lives-Make sure to join that group if you’re not there already!) This week I am sharing the 3 most popular post for the last year.  The one you shared, liked and followed!

Don't Know Where to Start Creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle?

Simple Weight Loss Over 40, Macros

If you're new here, and you don’t know where to start on your journey? I lost 120 lbs and I have kept it off for almost 8 years.  Check out the following posts to get you started.

 And while you're here ya should definitely grab guide to get started creating some basic habits, the pre work no one talks about to creating a Simply Healthy Lifestyle.

This week, I am going to link to the top 3 blog post’s for the year… kind of a year in review, each post provides tips and tricks to help you if you’re not losing weight.  

What makes these the top 3 posts of the year?  These are the posts that got the most social shares… 

Let’s keep this anniversary post full of value and a resource for the best weight loss tips for women that have 100+ pounds to lose!

Sending you all Love & Hugs!  Thank you for an amazing year!

The Top Post of 2019-Not Losing Weight? This will help!

100 Pound Weight Loss for Women Over 40

100 Pound Weight Loss Before And After-The 4 Area’s I focused on to Lose 120 Pounds

I do believe this is the first post where I stated weight loss is about more than eating less and move more.  😉 This post is an overview of how I built out my 100 Pound Weight Loss Formula that will be a part of the ONEder-Sisters Inner Circle.

This post is full of information and motivation which will help you if you’re not losing weight.  Make sure to check it out and share it. 🙂


Stop Stress Eating With Habits

Post # 2 of 2019

-Not Losing Weight? This will help!

Weight Loss Tips Women Over 40 100 Pound Weight Loss

3 Weight Loss Tips I used to lose 100 pounds—Feel like you’re destined to be the biggest person in the room? Learn how to get past that!

This post breaks my favorite weight loss tips down into baby steps.  The three tips are: 

  1. Take Small Steps
  2. Ditch the overwhelm
  3. Start Looking for YOUR Tribe

Now if you have been hanging with me for awhile, you know I’m all about small steps and keeping things really simple.  Diving in and changing everything causes overwhelm and sets you up to not lose weight. The really big thing here is this post points out you need accountability and a tribe to keep you going.

A tribe is there to listen to your wins and help you when you feel like giving up.  

If this is your favorite make sure you share… it came in second by just a few shares.  And I think the value in this one is huge!


Printable Habit Trackers For Easy Weight Loss

Post # 3 of 2019

-Not Losing Weight? This will help!

Losing 100 Pounds For Women Over 40

Losing 100 Pounds and being Consistent is Possible!

This post surprised me!  It’s a video post… so I wasn’t sure if you would like it.  But apparently it was a success. 

Once again I talked about the 4 pillars of success for consistent weight loss…

  • Mindset
  • Habits
  • Nutrition
  • Movement/Fitness

I know, I know I sound like a broken record, but if you’re not losing weight because you aren’t consistent, this will help.  But these are the 4 pillars of success, with the pillar foundation being accountability and support. 😉

If this is your fav, make sure to share!

Let’s Close This Out…

This year has been amazing!  And 2020 is going to be even better.  This year we are going to help 150 amazing women get consistent with their weight loss!  

I am really excited about the year coming up, but we can’t figure out where we are going without reviewing where we’ve been.

Looking at the top posts over the last year, I know you want to reach your goals consistently but you’re at a loss on how to do it when life gets in the way and the thoughts in your head derail you making you feel like you’ll never get there. Sooo the end result is you’re not losing weight.

The ONEder-Sisters Inner Circle is going to be AAMAAZZING, and the primary goals of the program are to help you get your consistency in weight loss, and belief in yourself!

Make sure to get on the weight list for this program! (Shoot me an email at: It’s right around the corner.  And it never hurts to be informed, even if you’re not quite ready yet.  😉

Coach Michelle

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Are you tired of not losing weight? These Top 3 Blog Posts from 2019 are sure to help!